The Event

Pick up your MP40, set up your rifle grenade and get set - Prepare for May 19 - 21!
The Krefeld Battleground will be the LAN event for Enemy Territory in 2017.
Hang out with gaming enthusiasts and community members while you battle for the keys of Krefeld.

There is no better place to feature the aspect of competition and socializing than the TakeTV venue. The crew that created a monument to feature the aspects of gaming and socializing on highest level of standards offers us the space, the computers and the ethics to enhance the great legacy ET has.

Two tournaments will offer you the perfect battleground to challenge your skills and fight for the share of the prize money on thirty state of the art gaming computers and 144hz monitors.

May 19-21
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The Competition

12 Teams
Prize pool:
€ 3.250
€ 4.010
Total Prize Money
12 Teams
Prize pool:
€ 960

The Location

Krefeld - The city in the west of Germany is part of the Ruhrpott. It features good infrastructure for cars, trains and benefits from airports around. It's not too far away from previous locations in Belgium or the Netherlands.

TakeTV offers a great venue for all social, gaming and competitive aspects. The gaming bar will be opened during the entire event and offers fair prices for your drinks.

While the entire location is accessible during our event, we will have exclusive areas where we are going to have 18 PCs available (VIP area). We will also use the professional gaming rooms with 6 PCs each.


100% of your donations will support this event!Help us increase the prize pool and if we cover all our costs you can help to create a tournament with a prize pool worth the effort we put into arranging it.

Please fill out the form below to receive three options to donate:
1. By bank transfer
2. By PayPal
3. By steam trade offer (CSGO/Dota/Steam items)

You will be able to set the amount of your donation in the next step. Your donation will be visible on stream with some delay but we try to hurry up <3

Donation form

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Questions and Answers

How to contact you?
Write an e-mail to or check the IRC channel #teamoxid @ qnet or write a comment on our crossfire news post or check the crossfire profiles of chosen, Ekto, Sebhes or stRay to write a PM.

What if you only reach 8 teams?
The venue is arranged, confirmed and booked - There is no going back at this point. The prize money will decrease if we lack teams.

Who's behind this?
At the moment of writing this, the staff confirmed for this tournament onsite will be Sebhes, stRay, Ekto and chosen. We will contact one or two more people to help us out.
Money wise: Bank transfer and PayPal is arranged by chosen. He is also responsible to pay the venue. stRay manages the item donations.

Will the 3on3 tournament be on Friday again?
No, both tournaments are going to be scheduled over 3 days. For your personal schedule please expect the 3on3 tournament to end Sunday after the 6on6 tournament.

What kind of venue is this?
The venue should be known for their events for Starcraft 2, Counter Strike GO, Overwatch and Hearthstone events. It also helps to socialize with other gaming enthusiast in the gaming bar. We will release more details in January.
If you don't know TakeTV, have a look around at events like Home Story Cup, Friendly Fire or watch this playlist to get an impression.

Can I bring my own computer?
No, this is a Non-BYOC event. You only have to bring your keyboard, mouse and mousepad.

What rules apply for the tournament?
We don't have anything specific prepared. You can expect what you've already witnessed at previous ET events.

What kind of computers and monitors are there?
This is not an internet cafe - This venue offers quality productions for the highest level of professional gaming. This means state of the art pc gaming hardware, including monitors capable of 144hz, computers that are capable to offer high FPS ingame and quality gaming seats. Since, at this point in time, we don't know, which events will be held close to or at the same time as KBG, the specs for the computers won't be available before Match 2017.

What are the rules for drinks and meal?
Buy your drinks at the bar - Bring your own food. If there is interest, the bar also offers something to eat. Because of the amount of players, we need will run a poll before the event to have good old BBQ flair onsite.
Within a 5 minute range to the venue, there are lots of restaurants, snack bars and more around.
Check this website for prizes of drinks.

Will there be a live stream?
We have Merlinator confirmed offsite and are looking for a solution onsite. Of course GamesTV will be arranged as well, but we didn't contact their staff yet.
We consider having players from onsite on take's world famous casting couch to cast matches. Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have ideas or interest for being an onsite caster.

How did you get in touch with Take?
In 2011 chosen held the Quake Live Bundesliga Finals at TakeTV's old flat. He contacted him to help out for this ET event.

What is Teamoxid or Why am I here?
Teamoxid is the brand behind this; we intend to promote our legacy with this event.

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