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24.03.2007 19:00 chosen

eu This news contains international content.
After loosing our first, realy ambitious CoD2 Team with players like si lukzar quite fast we are proud announcing the former serious gaming team as our new team to represent us on the Crossfire Prizefight Challenge in April and the upcoming EuroCup 15.

The Lineup
se Johan Flow Lundberg
se Rickard zEm Intveld
se Tobias Toppe Thorsén
se Peter Wnkr Weistedt
se Mikael Zsilts Smedberg

This will be the lineup to compete in this years Call of Duty 2 events.

Statement flow
Like many other teams these days it's now also time for us to announce a change. After playing for Serious-Gaming a while we know find ourselves at a crossroads. Looking at the future in a different way we have figured it would be for the best both for us and for Serious that we part ways. We will from now on start representing the organisation of Teamoxid that will on their part give us the appropriate support.
Aiding us in Teamoxid we have two new players Toppe and zsilts and we hope and think both our team and our new organisation will benefit from this lineup change a lot. Our first appearance under the Teamoxid flag will be the upcoming CodQcup and of course the Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2.

Statement Teamoxid
After losing our first team quite fast even with a great offer we are proud to add this new Swedish CoD2 team to our project to keep the oxid flag sky-high in the Call of Duty 2 scene and establish some good achivements on the upcoming events like ESL IPS, EuroCup and of course the Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2.

For more details you can read the announcements on the international CoD2 websites:
- GotFrag.com
- tek-9.net
- Crossfire


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