The Event

The Return to the Krefeld Battleground is in sight: Get ready and enjoy the pulse going up while you participate in the last remaining challenge to become the champion of our beloved Enemy Territory community.

Again, we could not ask for a better partnership to host this event, that is focused on competition and socializing: After the breathtaking final in May 2017 the crew of TaKeTV will welcome ET once again!

Two tournaments will offer you the chance to challenge your friends and foes to fight for the share of the prize money on state of the art gaming computers and monitors.

May 18-20

The Competition

10 Teams
Prize pool:
€ 1.800
€ 2.300
Total Prize Money
12 Teams
Prize pool:
€ 500

Sign Up

This event will happen no matter what! With 10 teams for 6on6 and 12 teams for 3on3 we will feature a prize pool of € 2.300.

Our guarantee: You will be able to play on state of the art gaming PCs and will play at least 5 games in 6on6 and at least 4 games in 3on3. You will be able to enjoy an awesome gaming venue with fair prices for drinks and a great fan base on site.

To sign up please fill out the form below. You are able to sign up one 6on6 team and up to two 3on3 teams:

Sign up

You will receive an URL for payment details to share with your teammates
Nickname of the person responsible to organize this sign up
Real name of the person responsible for this sign up
Please include your country pre dial code (e.g. +43)
I understand, that payments for the entrance fee are not refundable. The prize pool of € 2.300 is guaranteed, if the amount of teams is reached, but will decrease or increase according to the number of participants. I also understand that this event in Krefeld will happen, the location and date is confirmed.
I also understand that this event will take place from Friday to Saturday. If my team is not able to play on Friday I will consult the admin crew as early as possible and accept that only a few teams of one group will have the opporturnity to play all their group stage on Saturday on a first come first serve based on timing of payment. Because of scheduling I understand that my team will have to play the entire day starting early morning and until late night.

The Location

Krefeld - The city in the west of Germany is part of the Ruhrpott. It features good infrastructure for cars, trains and benefits from airports around. It's not too far away from previous locations in Belgium or the Netherlands.

TakeTV offers a great venue for all social, gaming and competitive aspects. The gaming bar will be opened during the entire event and offers fair prices for your drinks.


100% of your donations will support this event! Help us increase the prize pool and if we cover all our costs you can help to create a tournament with a prize pool worth the effort we put into arranging it.

Please fill out the form below to receive three options to donate:
1. By bank transfer
2. By PayPal
3. By steam trade offer (CSGO/Dota/Steam items)

You will be able to set the amount of your donation in the next step. Your donation will be visible on stream with some delay but we try to hurry up <3

Donation form

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