09.12.2010 09:28
Where can i find the plug in?
09.12.2010 09:33
And btw, how can i open Winamp? Doesn't work for me :/.
09.12.2010 10:48
Just klick on "Tune in @ winamp" and save the file on your pc.
You can open it after the download with the player (Rightklick -> Open with)
10.12.2010 12:22
My pc didn't find the correct file to open it. I guess i have to download winamp ;).
10.12.2010 09:48
Usually, you should be able to use windows media player to open the file as well, also VLC player works without any problems. Anyway, when installing winamp, you can also add the browser plugin to tune in from the website ;)
13.01.2011 02:02
can i use de sever

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